Use of lime in construction

Lime has a variety of uses in construction. In particular, natural hydraulic lime is used in two main building sectors where its properties can be fully exploited: restoration and green building.

Natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 or NHL 5, defined by standard EN 459-1:2010, is made from marl fired in traditional kilns at temperatures below 900°C. It is then seasoned for an extended period of time to ensure complete hydration, and finally ground and refined with wind separators.

Thanks to its natural properties, natural hydraulic lime can be used for various products in these sectors, such as mortars for consolidating masonry, interior and exterior plasters and renders, thermal insulation, screeds, grouts, injection materials, paints and glaze coatings.

Uses of lime in restoration

Respect for the original structure is fundamental in restoration work. Natural hydraulic lime has been used in buildings for hundreds of years, and is ideal for restorations where the focus is on the historic nature of the architectural work. Natural hydraulic lime strengthens the structural conditions of buildings and protects them from moisture, mould and cracks.

Use of lime in green building

Natural hydraulic lime is a 100% natural product and when used in construction work, does not require the addition of cement. It is therefore ideal for constructions based on green building principles, as in addition to being natural, it guarantees a resistant, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing result. It can also be used in conjunction with innovative construction materials, such as hemp.