Calce dei Berici

Calce dei Berici

Natural hydraulic lime – the true NHL 5

Perfect for use on site in masonry mortars, plasters and renders, NHL 5 pure natural hydraulic lime is light hazel in colour. This lime is classified as NHL 5 in terms of mechanical strength, in accordance with EN 459-1:2010. Its high porosity provides the walls breathability against humidity and mould, while its very low water-soluble salt content ensures a long-lasting, high quality aesthetic result. Finally, its pH makes NHL 5 hydraulic lime a natural mould inhibitor.

How to use NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime

NHL 5 lime is supplied in bulk, in sacks or in big-bags. It is recommended to store NHL 5 in a dry, sheltered place for a maximum of 6 months.

NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime is used for the preparation on site of:

  • Masonry mortar
  • Lime plasters and renders for interior and exterior building restoration
  • Grout
  • Natural hydraulic lime injections
  • Sealing
  • Floor screeds
  • Natural hydraulic lime paints without additives
  • High-level finishes
  • Products for consolidating masonry with natural hydraulic lime

How to use NHL 5 natural lime

NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime must be mixed with carefully washed and well-graded aggregates, in volumetric doses typically between 350 and 500 kg of product per cubic metre of aggregate. After mixing NHL 3.5 lime with water, leave the mixture to rest for 10-15 minutes to improve workability.

See the NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime datasheet for further information.

What to pay care to when using NHL 5 lime

The lime’s 5 strength classification is laboratory-certified in accordance with EN 495-2; the mechanical strengths obtainable on site may vary according to numerous factors, such as temperature, humidity, the amount of binder and water used and the type of aggregate. It is therefore recommended to fine-tune the NHL 5 lime mixture based on practical tests.

The mixture with NHL 3.5 pure natural hydraulic lime should only be applied at ambient and substrate temperatures between +5°C and +30°C and in the absence of wind.

For other information see the NHL 5 hydraulic lime datsheet and the safety datasheet.

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