Calce dei Berici

Natural hydraulic lime (NHL)

Calce dei Berici is true natural hydraulic lime, produced in Italy. The calcareous marl is fired in traditional running kilns at temperatures below 900°C. The product is then slaked and left to season for an extended period of time. Finally, it is ground and refined with wind separators.

The true, pure natural hydraulic lime

The acronym NHL identifies natural hydraulic lime that is not modified or hydrated with the addition of pozzolanic or hydraulic materials, in accordance with the EN 459-1:2010 standard.

Villaga NHL is analysed professionally: diffraction analysis highlights how NHL hydraulic lime contains dicalcium silicate and calcium hydroxide (free lime), while it does not contain clinker compounds. The high percentage of free lime in pure natural hydraulic lime determines slow yet gradual setting, giving a continuous increase in mechanical strength in the months following application.

How to use NHL hydraulic lime

  • 01.

    Masonry mortar

  • 02.

    Plasters and renders for interiors and exteriors

100% highest-quality hydraulic lime

Conforms to EN 459-1:2010

High porosity

Lighter colour

Slower setting

Easy to apply

Very low water-soluble salt content

High mechanical strength

Available in bulk, in sacks or in big-bags

Fast delivery, support and technical consulting

Berici Hills natural hydraulic lime

NHL natural hydraulic lime features high porosity, guaranteeing better breathability of the walls; a high pH, making it a natural mould inhibitor; and a very low water-soluble salt content for an excellent aesthetic result.

NHL 3.5 and NHL 5 hydraulic lime

The standard classifies natural hydraulic limes based on their mechanical strength. The number following the acronym NHL (3.5 or 5) indicates the mechanical strength of the lime expressed in megapascals (MPa), and specifically the minimum compressive strength of a sample of mortar after curing for 28 days.

Calce dei Berici NHL 3.5

NHL 3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime

Calce dei Berici NHL 5

NHL 5 Natural Hydraulic Lime

Building sectors lime can be used in