Producers of natural hydraulic lime since 1897

History of Vilca and the Villaga brand

Villaga®, a brand previously owned by Vilca S.p.A. and now part of Fassa S.r.l., has been making lime since 1897. It all started with the construction of a kiln for the production of lump quicklime at the site in Villaga (Vicenza province), a venture that was an immediate success due to the purity of the limestone used and the accurate processing.

In the 1950s, the plants were expanded with the construction of new kilns and the production line for processing natural hydraulic lime.

From lime producer to an internationally-recognised brand

Villaga® continues to operate nationally and internationally as a professional and efficient producer of lime, satisfying a multitude of demands from a diversified customer base, acquired in over a century of environmentally-friendly production.

In January 2022 Vilca S.p.A. was merged into Fassa S.r.l., a historic producer of premixes for building, aggregates, lime and specifically NHL Natural Hydraulic Lime. Over the years there have been improvements in production plants and technological innovation in response to growing demand for high quality products from an increasingly specialised and globalised market.


Control of the entire production process means the Fassa S.r.l. Villaga® brand applies strict quality standards to every component, guaranteeing pure natural hydraulic lime with high technical performance.

In all stages of production, numerous samples are tested every day in the company’s own laboratories to verify the chemical-physical parameters and ensure real-time quality control of all products.


Villaga® is a trademark of Fassa S.r.l., a lime producer that offers high-quality natural products together with service that fulfils the needs of today’s market. Indeed, the company’s size and structure ensure efficient service even for large quantities and complex applications.

Special care is paid to logistics: the high natural hydraulic lime production capacity allows fast delivery times, with materials delivered in bulk, in sacks or in big bags.


The main sectors that lime is used in are construction, green building and restoration.

Following the merger of Vilca S.p.A. into Fassa S.r.l., Villaga® makes two products.



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